Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finally some down time...

Where do I begin? Thankfully the summer was relatively quiet as far as travel goes, with the exception of my cousin Missy's FABULOUS wedding in Cape Cod in late June! Things were a bit stressful for the Wilsons after we got back from Italy, so it was nice to take it easy for a month or two.

Soon, though, a crazy couple months of travel ensued for both B and me. I definitely can't complain; it's been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally.

It started with a trip to Boston in mid-August for a marketing conference and business development meeting. What an amazing, productive trip that was! A tour of Harvard, running along the Charles River and through MIT campus, shopping on Newbury Street, people watching...I've been to Boston twice before, but never experienced it like this. That city is so alive, and I can't wait to go back!

The next week I drove to Joplin, Missouri, to visit a few of our customers get some pics and video footage of our products in action, thanks to a handy Flip cam. It’s so sad to see all the devastation there, but also incredible to see how quickly the town has bounced back. I was able to swing through Fayetteville, Arkansas, on my way home and take my handsome cousins to dinner. So much fun! And how did they get this old?!

Asheville, North Carolina, was next. I’m now part of the local USGBC chapter, so they asked me to attend a leadership conference for our region. Not only was it a tremendous opportunity for networking and professional growth, but I got to stay at the Grove Park Inn, which was absolutely stunning! Can't wait to go back with B!

After that, it was off to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. We stayed with Brent's brother and his wife in their beautiful new home and had an AMAZING three days. Lots of football, bar hopping, shopping (duh), eating, and more. I even got to do my long run on the Silver Comet Trail. If you’re a runner or bike rider, I highly recommend it!

My 30th birthday was September 8. B took me to dinner at Restaurant Iris (my fave!) and invited my Sis and brother-in-law to come with us, which was such a treat! The next day we drove to Nashville for a friend’s engagement party and the Titans game. And Monday I got to have dinner with my entire family. So blessed!

Later the following week was a work conference in Minneapolis. Networking, marketing, great meals, fun conversations and chilly temperatures. So great! I sooo wanted to stop by Mall of America while we were there, but with it only being a two-day trip, there was no time. Boo. On our last day, we had a 3am wake up call to catch a 5am flight. Combine that with a 2+ hour layover in Atlanta, half a day in the office and one of the most fun races (Cooper Young 4-miler) of the year, I was pooped.

Brent's had his fair share of travel as well. Three trips to Phoenix for training, another in Minneapolis and most recently, New York.

This week, I was in Houston for another conference. It was trying to say the least, being the only female in a room full of professional engineers (so out of my league). But being able to overrule an engineering spec and write a section of a published Recommended Practice, I'd say it was a success!

This weekend, we finally get to take a long, much needed deep breath. Saturday is actually our five-year anniversary, and we've got a super fun, low-key few days planned!

Next weekend, we're off to Tampa for one of B’s best friend’s wedding. We are staying at a swanky hotel right on the beach, and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Then things slow down a bit...for me anyway. B will be traveling quite a bit for work in October. Good thing I'm not training for a marathon or anything. ;)