Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brittney & Frank's Wedding in Charleston!

Oh Charleston, how I love thee!

My beautiful sis-in-law, Brittney, and her then fiance, Frank, moved to Charleston in April in 2009. Frank was transferred for work, and Brittney got a job at the local children's hospital. It was sad to see them go, but we were so excited to have family in such a fun city to visit!

Brent and I were lucky enough to get a few extra days off work, so we left on Wednesday afternoon and flew to Atlanta to meet up with Ben and Christina before the four of us headed to SC the next morning. That night, we went to a local Mexican restaurant, El Azteca, and consumed a few too many margaritas before calling it a night. The next morning, I got to run at my FAVORITE place, Piedmont Park, right in Midtown ATL...I absolutely love running here! We piled in the car shortly after and made it to Charleston around 5pm.

After we got settled in the super awesome beach house in Folly Beach, we went to Bert's Market to pick up some essentials (i.e. beer and koozies for the weekend). Their slogan is "We might doze, but we never close." Love it!! After that, the girls went over to a condo of one of the bridesmaid's for a low-key girl's night, and the boys took Frank out for his bachelor party. Quite a few hours and rum drinks later, we made it back to the beach house and passed out.

The next day, I was able to get in a wonderful five-mile run along the beach. It. was. awesome...to say the least. I sooo want to live by the beach! Rehearsal started at 1pm, and it went about as smoothly as it could. Next, we all traveled to Rita's Seaside Grille for the Rehearsal dinner. As always, Rita's did us right and everyone had a blast! If you've never been, you have to go at least once...if for nothing else, the people-watching is top notch!

Wedding day!! It seemed like just about everything was working against Brittney and Frank on 4/17. The annual Folly Beach Sea and Sand Festival was taking place that day, so EVERYONE from the wedding planner to the photographer to the caterer to the guests were running late. Thankfully, everyone arrived just in time... Then there was the wind factor. Everything was set up on the roof of the beach house, because that was where the reception was going to take place. The guys realized around noon that day that the wind wasn't going to cooperate and things would be flying off all night. So everything was moved down to the ground, into the garage and partially in the driveway. It turned out to be a GREAT move, and everything looked beautiful! Then came the dress fiasco...Brittney was already in a funk over her dress (most likely because she's had it for so long). But it was absolutely GORGEOUS on her! She accidentally rubbed against a huge pile of foundation makeup... After trying multiple house-cleaning items, including bleach pens, Windex, and more, Clorox wipes did the trick. You couldn't even tell when we were done! Major kudos to Brittney, as she remained calm and was even able to laugh it off. I would have flipped out!

Finally, it was time for the wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony right on the beach. It couldn't have been more perfect. And the reception...let's just say it almost put mine to shame. :) Great food, great drinks, and great fun had by all!

It was so sad to leave the next morning, but reliving the memories of the weekend kept us laughing all the way back to Atlanta!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Conroy!!! Brent and I were so honored to have been part of your special day. For more info on their spectacular wedding, visit http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/brittneywilson&frankconroy.

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