Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

A note about my new blog background...I'm still not 100% set on it, but I've been looking for a more shabby chic look, and this is the closest I could find to what I wanted. I'm a huge fan of Shabby Blogs, but I found The Cutest Blog on the Block to be just as fun. Let me know your thoughts...

Just a quick summary of this past weekend (or as "quick" as quick can be for me...I do love to write, if you haven't noticed).

This past weekend was so much fun! Friday night, I had the pleasure of watching my gorgeous niece, Bailey. My Dad picked her up from daycare, so I wouldn't have to drive out there after work, so that was very much appreciated. THANK YOU, Dad!! Bailey and I took Buster to the park, then we went back to my house and played in the sprinkler. Hearing her say "let's play in the water" and laughing with that most precious laugh just melted my heart...or maybe it was the 100+ degrees making me melt. ;) Kidding. She is such a joy to be around. So thankful for this sweet blessing in our lives!

Saturday, I woke up around 8:30, went for a five-mile run, then met up with my one of my best friends, Kelly. Her wedding is September 24, and Saturday was her first dress fitting. I am just dying to post a pic, but of course I would never do such a thing...but she looks GORGEOUS in it!!! I can't wait to see Will's face when she walks down the aisle. Kelly's other bridesmaids (with the exception of her sister) met up with us at the alterations place, then we all went to Las Delicias for lunch. To all the Memphis peeps who haven't been there, you MUST go!! It's the most authentic Mexican place I've ever been, and it is sooo cheap! The guacamole is to die for, and their margaritas are quite tasty. After that, we headed over to the mall to shop. Everywhere we went was having a sale, so I splurged a bit. I never go shopping, so I figured what the hell (of course the hubby didn't think it was as great of an idea as me). I headed home after that and cleaned the house. I'm not usually a fan of cleaning on a Saturday, but knew I wouldn't be there at all on Sunday, so I wanted to get it over with. Brent got home shortly after I did, helped me clean, and then grilled up a fabulous dinner: honey-glazed salmon, asparagus, shrimp (in his specially-crafted marinade), and bread. Yum!! Oh yeah...he cooked out Friday night as well. He can be such a wonderful wife sometimes. :)

Sunday was another early morning. A great run, albeit later than usual, followed by some last minute errands, and then I picked up Kelly and her mom (who surprised her by coming in town the night before) before heading to Local Gastropub for Kelly's first bridal shower. It was SO much fun!! There were eight of us there, and it was just perfect. Amazing food, amazing mimosas, amazing always. Chris at Local takes excellent care of us! Kelly got some great stuff, and it was just a fun afternoon of friends and sharing stories of what it takes to make a marriage work. It was truly a great time with great company...complete with maybe 5 out of 20 pictures with my eyes open. Ugh, stupid light-sensitive eyes. At least it made for more laughs. :)

Love the style of this pic...especially with the brick background!

The Varsity girls (with the exception of me :)!

Kelly and me!

A parting shot outside Local!

And of course, the True Blood season premiere was Sunday night. Once again, it did not let me down! Here's hoping at least some parts stay true to the book...and judging by the previews, it looks like they will. I heart Eric!!!

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  1. Love me some Local!! You sure know how to throw a great shower!! Love you!!