Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally, some answers!

Okay, so nevermind about the whole 30-day blog challenge. Things are way too busy, and I haven't been around my computer for the past few days. Maybe in 2012. :)

I finally received a call from my doctor last Tuesday. Good news: the stone has PASSED! And I didn't even feel it. This was such a huge relief...until I was immediately reminded of the intense lower back pain.

The CT scan showed some possible lower back issues, most likely related to a slipped disc. Great...just what an avid runner wants to hear. So he suggested I take it easy and look into going to a chiropractor.

I've never had any alternative treatments (acupuncture, going to a chiropractor, etc.), but that's not to say I'm against it at all. Acupuncture is supposed to be a lifesaver for all kinds of joint pain as well as infertility. And I know tons of people who swear by their chiropractor to help them not only with alignment, but stomach issues, acid reflux, and more. Needless to say, I'm open to almost anything.

Last Friday, I made an appointment with a chiropractor my Mom and sister go to. After talking about various pains and my daily routine, he took a few X-rays. Finally...we have an answer! All my discs look great and there's no blockage. But right at the bottom of my spine, just before my tailbone, it curves to the left. It was seriously the freakiest thing to see it. "There's your pain," the doc said. Well, duh!

It's more like the "Thoracolumbar" (3rd) image above, but lower - closer to tailbone.

He adjusted my neck (so weird!) and back, both of which popped more than I ever knew they could. I felt better at first, but of course he said I'd be sore for the next few days. Understatement of the century.

Up until yesterday morning, I was in pretty intense pain and feeling extremely sore. Nothing was helping - not Ibuprofen, my heating pad, alcohol, not even muscle relaxers. But finally when I woke up on Sunday, the pain was gone. It was torture not to run for three days straight! I'm in Nashville this week for work, so I had the chance to run through Downtown yesterday morning. Heaven!! I am so in love with this city!

More to come about the fun times in Nashvegas...I LOVE my job! :)

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