Monday, August 6, 2012

Reflecting on what's important

It's so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life, an ever-expanding workload and what we think should be our priorities. The stress of what's been a roller coaster of the past couple months has really weighed on me these last few weeks, which may or may not have been why I drank heavily came down with a cold. Nevertheless, the downtime gave me time to reflect on what’s really important. And for that, I'm extremely thankful.

Time to reflect on B's new job. I couldn't be more proud of my hubby! While he's going to be traveling about 40% of the year, this is an absolutely incredible opportunity for him...for us. It's going to be an adjustment for sure, but we are partners. And that's what a partnership is about.

Time to reflect on my job. I've been so stressed with work lately, mainly because it's never been so busy. That said, I've also never enjoyed it more. A lot of that has to do with my new assistant, who in less than a month is already making my job easier. I'm getting to do more things, furthering my education and finally feel at a place where I can be productive. It's a good place to be!

Time to reflect on marathon training. Training for marathon #2 started today, whoop! I almost forgot how much dedication and commitment it takes to prepare for 26.2, especially when you're doing it solo. And then I looked at my training plan...whew. Thankfully (in large part to my Dad) I've found a love for swimming, and with 3 days of scheduled rest or cross training, I have a good feeling about the next 4 months.

Time to reflect on family. When it's all said and done, friends come and go. Family is the only constant in this world, and there's truly no greater gift in life. Family is what's important, and those are the people worth making time for.

Here's a parting thought just because it seems fitting. That Dr. Seuss sure was a wise man!