Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful for...being able to unplug!

Being a marketer and in today's world of smart phones and other innovative devices, I have to say that I embrace the fact that I am always "plugged in." However, it was incredibly refreshing to be out of the country for five days without access to email, the internet, Facebook, etc.

My super fun aunt invited me to join her and her friends in Cabo San Lucas for a few days of fun in the sun. With the insane winter we've had here in Memphis this year, I was itching to travel to an exotic locale and spend a few days on a luxurious boat!

The whole trip was planned around the Cabo Half Marathon...running is always a great travel incentive for me (though I didn't need ANY kind of incentive to make my way to the beach!). The race was canceled, however, but we still managed to get in a 10-miler one day and at least 5 miles every other morning...all with a scenic view of the Pacific!!

We ate at the most AMAZING restaurants (Hacienda El Coyote, Edith's, The Office on the beach, Senor Sweets, and more), drank some incredible Mexican wine, made a trip to Cabo Wabo (woop!), had the wonderful Captain Edgar take us out on the boat for a day (which my aunt had yum!), played with sea lions and saw a couple whales, dolphins and a sea turtle, chilled at the nearby resort pool, took advantage of the flea market, and even watched Don Juan DeMarco on our last evening (my first time to see the awesomeness that was this movie). It was the most wonderful, relaxing, and refreshing vacation I've ever had! And the fact that I was able to stay unplugged (with the exception of a couple text messages and one quick phone call a day to Brent) made it that much sweeter!

So thank you, Aunt Mignon, for such an amazing vacation. You are the best, and I can't wait to go back!! :)

The boat!

I love pirates!

Love you, Aunt Mignon!

Dinner at Edith's

The roommates

Sea lions!

El Arco...gorgeous!

Our friend, Pancho

Running buddies!

I love me some tequila! :)

Last night at Hacienda El Coyote

Tamarind Margarita...YUM!!

Cabo Wabo!!

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