Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful for...opportunities!

I woke up this morning quite humbled at all the things to be thankful for right now. The relationships with my family and friends, my job, being healthy enough to train for a marathon...going to Mexico in just a few days!!

I could write posts for several things today. But for the sake of keeping it short and sweet, I am so very thankful for the opportunities in my life right now.

This weekend, I'll be heading to Cabo San Lucas with my aunt and a few of her girlfriends. I am SO excited about this trip!! We originally planned it around the Cabo Half Marathon, which was supposed to take place this Sunday. The race has since been canceled, but we're still planning to run while we're there. Well...that and lay on the beach, eat at some amazing restaurants, drink fruity cocktails, visit the spa, and hopefully shop a bit. What an incredible vacation opportunity!

As far as work goes, I have been given the amazing opportunity to pick a few marketing conferences to attend this year. My first stop will be in Austin the first week of February. It's a three-day digital marketing forum, and I'm so excited bring back some new initiatives to implement within my own marketing plan. That just so happens to be another one of my New Year's resolutions! In mid-March, I'll be attending a search marketing conference in New FAVORITE city in the world! And then in June, I'm heading back to Boston for another fabulous conference. I am so happy in my professional life right now, which I know isn't an easy thing to come by. I get to do what I love, work with some incredible people, and I get to express myself creatively every day. I feel so lucky to be where I am, and I'm doing everything I can not to take it for granted.

In my personal life, there are so many opportunities in front of us...Brent and I have a chance to hang out in NYC together for the first time, we're both in our good friends' weddings later this year, and most importantly, we are making strides to grow in our faith together. I recently found out I was accepted into the NYC Half Marathon on March 20 (exactly two months from today!), and also found out today that one of my heroes, Kara Goucher, will be running it as well. How awesome would it be if I got to meet her?!?! My cousin Missy is also running it, and so is my friend Anna. I can't wait!! And then, as most of you know, I'm running the Country Music Marathon in April. Furthermore, my best friend Erika is living here for good, and we've had the opportunity to hang out a lot more...AND I get to help Kelly plan her wedding this year! :) So many wonderful, positive things to look forward to!!

Though I kept it sweet, it definitely wasn't always. What opportunities are you looking forward to this year?
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