Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's Nothing Like Amazing Customer Service!

I posted this on my Facebook page today, but I just have to reiterate...As a customer, it's worth your while to write a testimonial or sing the praises of a company/product you love. As a company, it's not only important to produce a great product, but also to take care of your customers and provide excellent customer service. I LOVE companies that care about their customers! :)

I briefly expressed my feelings about Gu Energy Gels, having run a few half marathons. After running my longest distance of 14 miles last Saturday (with a Strawberry Banana pack) and getting through it with more energy than I ever imagined, I decided to write to the fabulous makers of Gu and share my thoughts of gratitude.

Here is what I wrote...
To Whom It May Concern:
I have always been a fan of Gu when it comes to long distance races (just completed my fourth half marathon in December) for the incredible burst of energy it gave me. However, I would never think "I need to bring a Gu pack with me on this training run or race." I would simply receive some random type of energy gel, handed out around mile 7 or 8, and I would gladly take it despite the taste or not having heard of the brand. Recently, though, I have come to rely on truly appreciate the amazing effects of Gu. During my last half marathon (St. Jude, Memphis), I received a Strawberry Banana flavor pack at mile 8. After consuming it, it felt as if I could run for another two hours! Luckily I only had another 5 miles to go. :) I got a PR at this race...1:47! I am 28 years old, and I have signed up for my FIRST full marathon: the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN. This past Saturday, my running partner and I ran 14 miles (my longest distance ever!). I came prepared, for the first time, with Strawberry Banana Gu. This "tasty treat" as I call it, gave me the exact amount of energy I needed to stay on pace and finish my longest distance strong. Autumn, my running buddy, said she had never seen someone so happy when eating their Gu. I think it was the combination of good flavor and knowing the amazing benefits I'd be getting from my little pack of awesomeness. I have now purchased 10 packs from Fleet Feet, all Strawberry Banana of course, for my upcoming training runs. And I know I'll be able to get through all these tough distances thanks to Gu. So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts on your wonderful product, and thank you for providing such a tremendous training tool. Thank you!

Their response was immediate (within 24 hours), and they made me feel like I was their sole reason for being in business. Not only are they sending me a box of samples, but they offered such encouraging words that I will be a raving fan for a LONG time to come. "It is loyal and enthusiastic customers like you that keep us going in our never-ending pursuit to be the best." - Gu representative

So once again, it pays to take five minutes or less and send a brief testimonial about your favorite products. With the extreme viral nature of today's communication channels, a good experience with your company and/or product can lead to so many opportunities.


  1. This is awesome!!! And you got freebies!!! :)

  2. I love this! I've never tried Gu. I ate Sports Bean or Chewy Candy for the Half Marathon last April. I think I might need to try Gu!