Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful husband!

I feel so blessed to be where I am today, for my health, my family, friends, job, a roof over my head...the list could go on forever. So I thought a weekly post titled Thankful Thursday was quite fitting. (Side note: I found the butterfly and breast cancer logo image online. My mom said if she was ever to get a tattoo, this would be it...same for me.)

My husband, Brent, and I have been married for over three years now. We met in the second semester of our sophomore year at the University of Memphis and have been inseparable ever since...March 15, 2002 to be exact (it's the Ides of March and a day in between Brent's mom and my mom's birthdays, so we can't forget).

Since that time, we have been through ups, downs, so many fun times, and more laughs than I can remember. We've been there for each other through losses, family issues, bad jobs, new and exciting jobs, several moves, health scares, been to exotic destinations, raised the wonderful Buster the Boston Terrier, and so much more. Our first trip together was to Oxford, Mississippi...exciting, huh? Well, to us, it definitely was. We spent a semester in Orlando working for Walt Disney World, learning more about each other than we ever planned. We took a scuba diving class in my second to last semester at Memphis and were certified later that year in Key Largo, Florida. We went skydiving together. We've traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, and the Bahamas...not to mention the U.S. locales of Atlanta, Las Vegas, Key West, Charleston, New Orleans, Chattanooga, and probably a few more. We both LOVE to travel and explore, and we've been so fortunate to have done so much of both in the almost nine years we've been together.

Just about every day I come home from work, Brent has started cooking dinner, cleaned up the house, and taken care of everything from waiting for the pest control person to taking Buster to the vet to paying the bills to making sure we have the most pristine lawn in the neighborhood. If it weren't for my husband, we wouldn't be nearly as financially stable as we are...not that we have a lot of money by any means. But he is so wonderful about budgeting (a gene I severely lack), and for that reason, we've been able to pay off so many things, save money, and start planning for our future.

He is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. He is so loyal to his friends, he thinks the world of his brother and all his siblings (as do I), and he would give the shirt off his back to help someone in need. He can be incredibly spontaneous, which is one of the things I love most about him. Oh yeah, he's pretty buff, too. :) While he may not be the most romantic person in the world, he sure does have a way of surprising even himself...much like he did when he proposed to me. :)

We may have our differences about budgeting, when we want kids, and other silly things (like swearing :), but I can honestly say, there's no one in this world I'd rather be going through this journey with. I love you, Brent. And I'm so thankful for your love and friendship.

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