Friday, July 8, 2011

All-Time Favorite Movie Quotes

I have a SERIOUS obsession with movies. Quoting them is a favorite pastime of mine. Sorry for the ridiculously long list, but I just couldn't leave any out. :) The ones in bold are my super fave.

"Surely you can't be serious."
"I am serious, and quit calling me Shirley."
- Airplane

"What is this? A center for ants?!"
- Zoolander

"Calling all cars! Calling all cars! UFO landing on Michigan Avenue!" {for you, Laura!}
- Running Scared

"Why is the rum always gone?"
Pirates of the Caribbean

- Caddyshack

"Two? Make it three. I'm not driving."
- Home Alone 2

"Stop looking at me, swan!"
- Billy Madison

"You are a smelly pirate hooker." "You look like a blueberry."
"I said...your hair looks stupid."
"...they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina." "No, there's no way that's correct. Doesn't it mean Saint Diego?" " No. No." "No, that's - that's what it means. Really." "Well, we agree to disagree."
- Anchorman

"Uh, what is the Soup Du Jour?" "It's the Soup of the Day." "Mmmm. That sounds good. I'll have that." {one of my FAVORITE quotes ever!}
"Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right!"
"Kick his ass, Sea Bass!"
"Ooh, look at the buns on that one..." "Yeah, he must work out."
"We've landed on the moon!"
"...someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine...I'm talking about a little place called Aspen."
- Dumb and Dumber

"What's the password?" "New England clam chowder." "Is that the red or the white?" "Ah, I can never remember that...white? Yessssss."
"Oh yeah? What's all the pet food for?" "Fiber."
- Ace Ventura

"I'll have what she's having."
- When Harry Met Sally...

"Peter...what's happening."
- Office Space

"Let's go somewhere and drink lunch."
- Monster-in-law

"It's like I have ESPN or something."
"I'm a mouse...duh."
-Mean Girls

"You for scuba?"
"Dude, no. This is serious. I just sharted."
- Along Came Polly

"What? I thought we were in the trust tree, in the nest, were we not?"
- Old School

"You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?"
- Happy Gilmore

"I carried a watermelon."
- Dirty Dancing

"Holy rusted metal Batman."
- Batman and Robin

"I'm surrounded by idiots."
- The Lion King

"555-4102!" {another one for my sis!}
- Girls Just Want to Have Fun

UPDATE: The quotes below are from my sister, Laura...there were too many for me to remember, so thank you for helping (and making me laugh!):

- Money Pit

"I just...ate a bug."
"Ahhh, Tofuti....Tofuti where are you when I need you? Tofuti-Cline-nine-nine-nine."
- Overboard

"You're not my favorite person right now."
"Luccccy. You-got-ssssome-ssssplanin-taadooo."
- Fools Rush In

"Oh yo, oh yo, catch this!"
"Reg. Bev. Wil."
"Slippery little suckers. Happens all the time, Ms."
"In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight."
"These are broken, mine are broken."
- Pretty Woman (my all-time fave movie!)

"Why are you came?"
- Ghostbusters II

"Your friend was magnificent."
- Top Gun

"I met a man in Rome, he's wonderful, brilliant...and we're getting married."
"He's just like you Dad, except he's brilliant."
- Father of the Bride

"Bueller, Bueller..."
- Ferris Bueller

"Are you talking?"
"Got that?"
"Brothers don't shake hands...Brothers gotta hug!!"
"Fat guy in little coat."
"Not here or here so much...but right here."
- Tommy Boy

"Top that!"
- Teen Witch

And, of course...a few sentimental quotes:

"Some days we love each other...other days we have to work at it. You never see the hard days in a photo album. But those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next."
- Just Married

"You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever."
- Love and Other Drugs

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird."
- The Notebook

What's your favorite movie quote??


  1. I don't think I could pick favorite movie quotes if I tried. Mine tend to come up in conversation, very often. Movie dork, I think yes.

  2. Oh and I could go on for DAYS with quotes from Juno. Awesome. Ha!!!