Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another month, another stone...

{NOTE: This is a highly personal post and might be TMI. Just letting you know.}

Seriously…we're back here again?! Last Wednesday, I went to my urologist who informed me of what I already knew...ANOTHER kidney stone. Awesome. But instead of going ahead and removing it or giving me a real plan of action, he just said, "let's wait until it passes and then run some tests." Or in my case, "let's wait 'til it gets stuck again and you end up in the ER for 8 hours on a Sunday."

This is now my third episode with stones. Yesterday I was so thankful to have started feeling better, as the intense pressure subsided a bit. Over the weekend, I had to go back on prescription pain meds, which was SO not fun. The nausea, extreme tiredness, and lack of motivation don't really make for a great few days (especially when you have a wedding and shower to attend).

Now, however, I'm starting to think it was just because the pain meds had left my body and I had a little more energy. As I was getting ready this morning, I all of a sudden felt incredibly lightheaded, and then came a huge rush of pain. I had to sit down on the tile floor and just breathe for a few minutes. After a glass of low acid OJ and two Tylenol Extra Strength, I started feeling a little better. Could've been a combination of low blood sugar, what's supposed to be a certain time of the month, and the stone moving around...or it could've been something else entirely. Whatever it is, you can imagine the frustration of having no answers.

And no (to those of you who I know will ask), I did not run this morning. There may be speculation of distance running playing a part in getting stones or not being able to conceive...but I am convinced - as are my doctors - that it doesn't play a role in either. Maybe I should cut back slightly on the races, but other than one completed 10-miler and two upcoming half marathons, my distance hasn't picked up at all. I'm still between 20-25 miles a week, which both my doctors strongly encourage.

Personally, I'm convinced it's the medicine I'm on to make me that's supposed to make me ovulate: Metformin. Not only is it a diabetic drug (which is obviously great for someone who's borderline hypoglycemic...yea, not so much), but there has been a lot of correlation between that and kidney issues. Not to mention the fact that I started the medication in late May of last year and had my first kidney episode in early October.

I was running long distances long before 2010. AND, not that I would ever be in this great of shape, but please tell me how doctors gave this woman the okay to run marathons (yes, plural) during pregnancy if running was so bad for you? Of course I know every person's body is different...but still. Anyway, I go back to my OB-GYN next week to get put on Clomid. Can't wait to see what side effects that brings on! ;)

I'm waiting to hear back from my urologist, but if I still feel like this come Monday, I'll go in for a CT scan and either have it removed by cystoscopy or hopefully get it broken up by laser treatment next week. Will keep you posted...

On a positive note, Brent has been AMAZING this past week dealing with me and my moodiness. So sweet, cooking for me every night, and just being there for me. And it's Halloween week!! The hubby and I don't have any set plans yet, but there are a few parties lined up for the weekend. We'll see what happens. All I know is, we're ready for 10/31 at the Wilson household - Buster included!

Continuing with the positivity, I got an iPhone yesterday...whoop!! I'm learning quickly, and I absolutely LOVE it!

Last but not least, I get to go to the 2011 CMA Awards!!! My company, Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals does the red carpet tent for it every year, and this year I get to least, I'll be there for the red carpet. I'll be there with our crew to film the set up (we're creating a super fab time-lapse video to use for marketing) and red carpet on the day of the awards. Still holding out for a ticket, so we'll see! I also get to spend a few days with my fabulous new friend Whitney and her husband Michal. We met them while in Seaside, FL for our friends' wedding.

Lots to look forward to!!


  1. You have a contagious love for life and fitness! I hope you get better soon... Thinking of you and patiently awaiting your arrival!!