Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm going to be an auntie again!!

I’m so thrilled to finally announce that my sister Laura, who got married in June (yes, just 4+ months ago) is just over four months pregnant! And…IT’S A GIRL!! That lucky duck found out before the average woman does. But as we all know, there aren’t too many people who won’t give Laura what she wants. Kidding…sort of. ;)

My Mom called it, just as she does with everything (and we LOVE that about her!). I think my Dad was secretly hoping for a boy, being the only male in a family of five girls (my mom, my two sisters, my niece, and myself). But he had the best reaction, saying, “I think it had to be a girl for you, Laura.” I think she felt the same way! Hopefully (God-willing) the first boy in the family is being saved for me. :)

Her due date is April 3, and we can’t wait till that precious baby girl arrives!!

Speaking of the women in my family, here's a pic of most of us (we missed you, Ashley!) at the SYTYCD tour last week. THANK YOU for the tickets, Laura!! Such a fun night!

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