Monday, December 12, 2011

A new PR and a new train of thought!

Once again, it's been what seems like forever since my last post. I've actually had a lot to say lately, just haven't had the time to type it out. Well, that and the fact that I sit at a computer all day. So when I get home or finally have time to myself on the weekend, I'm anywhere but near a computer. But…I really am going to start making time to write more.

With that said, I am so excited to post about my latest race: the St. Jude Half Marathon! I went into it telling myself it's okay if you don't PR {really, you're not going to PR, so get it out of your mind}, and it's okay if you don't even get below 1:50 {which don't get me wrong is an awesome time...but that's a stretch, so you may as well make it 2:00}. This year has been quite wacky health-wise: overcoming the most excruciating pain ever with a kidney stone episode during the peak of my marathon training, changing the dosage of my PCOS medication THREE times, having two other kidney stone episodes, and then finding out about a spine issue.

Needless to say, my mileage decreased significantly. To my surprise, I have been just fine with that. I've wanted to decrease it anyway, trying to put more focus on getting pregnant now that my PCOS condition is somewhat under control.

But who am I kidding? I'm a competitive person, and though I went in believing trying to tell myself I was okay with a slower than PR time, I knew I wouldn't be in the long run (no pun intended :).

I started with the 3:30 marathon pace group and stayed with them the entire time. Running through St. Jude campus and seeing my dad right when we entered...seeing all those precious kids and their families cheering so loud for the St. Jude Heroes...the encouragement of super awesome and random runners along the way, especially our pacer of my closest friends and running buddy, Autumn, finding me at several spots along the route...and finally crossing that finish line knowing I had beat my PR by 4 minutes with an average pace at sub 8 minutes...that was truly a proud moment for me.

I'm not sure if it was all the shorter-distance races we ran, having trained for a marathon - even if it was 8 months prior, knowing everything I had overcome this year, or just setting a goal and knowing that I could reach it. Whatever it was, I sure was happy with the outcome!

The starting line {that guy in front of me was hilarious!}

Running down Beale Street!

the final .5!

Yes, I beat her!! :)

Such a great race!

Can't wait for my next 13.1...or 26.2. Who knows! :) Regardless, I'm going to stop obsessing about getting in X miles before a race. Training is still important obviously, but as long as I'm running and pushing myself, that's what really matters.


  1. How do you still look so pretty after running a half marathon!? Lol. congrats on the personal record!

  2. oh exciting. you are my hero!

  3. i couldn't agree more. my best races seem to be when i just relax and enjoy myself...then I run better and pr!