Monday, April 11, 2011

Tapering Before the Marathon

The marathon is three weeks from today...ahh!!

I am so thankful to finally feel good about it. After a great 20.5 miles on April 2, followed by this past Saturday's 14 miles, I can honestly say I am READY!

Originally, my goal was to run up to 24 miles and then start tapering. But that quickly changed after finding comfort in a "less is more" plan. Well...that and not being able to get past the wall that was 18 miles. The new plan was to get through 18-20 miles (thankfully I was strong enough for the latter!), push back to 14-15 miles the next week, 10-12 miles the following week, and then just 8 miles the week before the marathon. I'll of course be mixing in light runs and spin class during the week.

Here's to 10-12 miles this Saturday and two and a half weeks 'til race day!! :)

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