Monday, March 5, 2012

Home {family} is where the heart is!

It's a cliché phrase, no doubt, but one that has really struck a cord with me recently, having been in and out of town so much. While I feel extremely lucky to have been given these wonderful opportunities, I am positively spent.

This past week, I was in Las Vegas attending two different conferences. One I spoke at; the other my company was exhibiting at. Vegas is in my top five favorite places for sure, thanks to amazing shopping, incredible food, and Cirque du Soleil. But this trip really took it out of me. The panel presentation went really well (despite my PowerPoint being altered slightly), and I was even asked to come back and speak next year! The tradeshow we were exhibiting at was a success as well.

Angela and me at the tradeshow reception

While there was so much positive that came from the trip, after being on my feet for 7+ hours and walking down the strip in heels, four nights of tossing and turning, and a couple uncomfortable situations...let's just say I was MORE than ready to get home. I don't think I've ever missed my hubby and Buster so much and actually being in the office. My assistant has been a life saver these past few weeks, taking care of just about everything while I've been out. But there are still those projects I feel better about completing myself, and it makes things much easier when you're in the office for more than just a day.

I got home late Thursday afternoon, ran errands, washed clothes, and passed out. The next day, we had to be at work around 6am (which felt like 4am, still being on West Coast time) for a company safety meeting. Got a crisp $50 bill out of it, so I'd have to say it was worth it! Almost 11 hours later, I headed to the hospital to pick up my Dad from his cardiac ablation procedure. Fast forward 24 hours, we're still there due to him unfortunately going back into atrial fibrillation. He remained in good spirits and had a few visitors, and I was finally able to take him home late Saturday. SO very thankful for my aunts and uncles for all they did for him. Family truly is the most important thing in life.

Bailey and me taking care of Dad/Papa :)

My Saturday night: eye mask, ice on the foot, heating blanket, and Buster

Sunday, I was able to sleep in and then went on a 10-mile run. I took off Friday and Saturday, with so much stuff going on and my feet absolutely worn out from the week. My left foot has also been giving me some problems, so I'm trying to take it easy. Lord, just get me through the NYC Half, and then I PROMISE to take a break...well, cut down on mileage at least. :)

My aunts and I threw my sister a baby shower yesterday afternoon, and it was absolutely beautiful. My Aunt Kathy was thrilled to fill her house with pink, having all boys. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with family, laughter, and sweet wishes for Laura's baby girl. We're so excited to meet you, Ava Jane!!

The food spread

"A" for Ava. Aunt Kathy is so talented!

Homemade strawberry cupcakes...SO good!

The invitation matted onto a fabulous pink/rustic frame from Happi Stores!

That night, I went to my friend's surprise bridal/bachelorette dinner. She and her fiancé left this morning for their destination wedding, so we wanted to have a quick "we love you" celebration for her. Kudos to her friend Kimberly for putting it together!

After the craziness that has been the past month, I have to say that home (and family) is truly where the heart is. So thankful for the real, honest people in my life, especially my family.

P.S. I've got some EXCITING news to share...but that will have to wait until tomorrow! And no, I'm not pregnant. :)


  1. You have been busy. Hope your dad is doing better. :)

  2. I am so proud of you Beth! Your love, strength, faith and integrity are something to behold! I love you:)

  3. I think you are going to need to call or text me with that news! :) Thank you for everything - you are the best shower thrower ever! I love you, Sis!