Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

I decided to jump on the "what I'm loving" bandwagon, after getting the idea from Simply Smithwick (one of my FAVE blogs!).

I'm loving that I got to spend yesterday afternoon/evening with my precious niece, Bailey.

I'm loving that I get to run the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday and spend the weekend in an INCREDIBLE city with my cousin, Missy!

I'm loving that I have the opportunity to attend a wonderful, renowned marketing conference in NYC next week. #lovemyjob

I'm loving that I also get to see my good friend Anna while in New York, and that we're going to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!!

I'm loving that my family will be together this evening to celebrate my Momma's birthday.

I'm loving that I will have another beautiful niece in just over 2 weeks! :)

And I'm loving that I made the St. Jude Heroes/Country Music Marathon brochure! Front and center, too. Thanks to the hubby for finding it. :)

{I'm the one in the yellow shirt, black shorts, and navy visor)

So much love this Wednesday. What are you loving today?

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